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WiTT screenshot
WiTT by MightyAlex200

Small indicator to show what the player is looking at.

Fbt WiTT screenshot
Fbt WiTT by Forburnt

WAILA-like mod (a rewrite of WiTT by MightyAlex200)

Eye guy screenshot
Eye guy by Kasaikan

Small and compact way to see what block you looking at

Item Physics screenshot
Item Physics by Sumianvoice

Makes items lay flat on the ground and not spin.

I Have Hands screenshot
I Have Hands by SURV

Carry nodes/blocks with inventories without breaking them.

Placement Preview screenshot
Placement Preview by SURV

shows a preview with orientation of the node the player is holding.

Exile screenshot
Exile by Mantar

Challenging, at times brutal, wilderness survival with simple technology.

Backrooms Test screenshot
Backrooms Test by Sumianvoice

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?

Repixture screenshot
Repixture by Wuzzy

Simplistic sandbox survival game that plays in mostly lush biomes in a mostly peaceful world and only simple technologies.

X-Decor-libre screenshot
X-Decor-libre by Wuzzy

A decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured (libre version).

Everness  screenshot
Everness by SaKeL

Adds many new biomes, items and blocks.

Woodcutting screenshot
Woodcutting by bell07

Mine the first tree node from a tree while the sneak key is pressed to start the woodcutting process.

Flow screenshot
Flow by Luke

A formspec library that automatically positions and sizes elements

GC Sprint screenshot
GC Sprint by stellarorion

A simple sprinting utility without the need for food consumption :^)

Giad screenshot
Giad by ekl

WIP Library for creating walking vehicles