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nice mods to play with mineclone game


Pipeworks screenshot
Pipeworks by mt-mods

Supplies a complete set of nice, round mesh-based water pipes, boxy item-transport tubes, and devices that work with them.

Protector Redo screenshot
Protector Redo by TenPlus1

Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.

Parachute (sum) screenshot
Parachute (sum) by Sumianvoice

Adds parachutes. These are reusable but require you to craft to pack the parachute into your bag.

Simple Airship (sum) screenshot
Simple Airship (sum) by Sumianvoice

Adds a simple airship for getting around the floatlands. Also optionally uses air currents.

Travelnet screenshot
Travelnet by mt-mods

Network of teleporter-boxes that allows easy travelling to other boxes on the same network.

Personal Log screenshot
Personal Log by FaceDeer

A personal log where players can track events and places

Airtanks screenshot
Airtanks by FaceDeer

Provides pressurized air tanks for extended underwater excursions

Named Waypoints screenshot
Named Waypoints by FaceDeer

A library for managing waypoints shown in player HUDs that can be discovered by exploration.

Name Generator screenshot
Name Generator by FaceDeer

A lua library for generating random names based off of rulesets and syllable lists.

Mesecons screenshot
Mesecons by Jeija

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Digilines screenshot
Digilines by Jeija

This mod adds digiline wires, an RTC (Real Time Clock), a light sensor as well as an LCD Screen.

Jumpdrive screenshot
Jumpdrive by BuckarooBanzai

Take your buildings with you on your journey.

Torch Bomb screenshot
Torch Bomb by FaceDeer

Place torches throughout your entire surroundings with a torch bomb

Tool Ranks screenshot
Tool Ranks by lisacvuk

Counts the number of nodes a specific tool has dug

Technic Plus Beta screenshot
Technic Plus Beta by mt-mods

The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools.

X Farming screenshot
X Farming by SaKeL

Farming with new plants, crops, trees, ice fishing, bees, candles, scarecrow, crates, composter, bonemeal, ropes, pies...