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Placement Preview screenshot
Placement Preview by SURV

shows a preview with orientation of the node the player is holding.

Cooksneak screenshot
Cooksneak by Kimapr

Smarter furnace shift+click behavior

Saturation Adjustment screenshot
Saturation Adjustment by ROllerozxa

Adds a chat command that allows you to adjust the saturation of the graphics.

Drop Blacklisted screenshot
Drop Blacklisted by uyku

"Don't add the specified drop(s) to the inventory when digging"

Extended Placement screenshot
Extended Placement by gamefreq0

Allows placing nodes below/behind the closest node to where you are looking, when you're looking at the air where said node would go.

Nodrown screenshot
Nodrown by Minisleep

Disables drowning, so you can swim and live underwater forever.

Bunny Hop screenshot
Bunny Hop by Flay Krunegan

Allows players to move faster using a key combination

Offhand Items screenshot
Offhand Items by TestificateMods

Lets you equip nodes and place them without switching tools

Leafstride screenshot
Leafstride by EmptyStar

Allows players to climb and walk through leaves

Subtitles screenshot
Subtitles by Silver Sandstone

Adds on-screen subtitles for sound effects.