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HCBP 18_01 Parasite -  beta screenshot
HCBP 18_01 Parasite - beta by Soundwavez

Adds an Injector, Containing a sample of the HCBP 18_01 Parasite (Highly Contageous Blood Parasite). use on your enemys. and or your friends, if youre a backstabber!

Zoonami screenshot
Zoonami by isaiah658

Collect and train monsters that can be used in battles.

Stalker screenshot
Stalker by DuckGo

A terrifying and very strong monster that lives in caves

pilzmod screenshot
pilzmod by Phii

a spreading mushroom biome which you can spawn into the world, with its own monsters and a boss you need to slay to stop the biome's growth. Best played with bow & armor mod and after reading manual.