this is a modpack for admins. it is a set of tools, to help with daily life as an admin. the tools are all hand-picked, you can select what tools you wish to use, using minetest's builtin modpack chooser, where you can choose what features to use. if you dont want opening_hours, due to the fact your server is international, its fine. if you want a mod added, submit an issue, explaning why you want the mod, and why it should be added. hopefully it gets added. in the meantime, play with the mod seperate. i hope you enjoy my modpack, and the many hours you may save due to it!

mods and usage (alphabetical order):


this mod is just for playing with your players. maybe somebody said something that came across completely different due to spelling. you could run a quick /jump <player>, and then you give them hyperjump and send them flying into the sky every time they press their space key. for more info, do /help, and look under the admin_toys folder.


this mod prevents griefing. quick quide (of course, as there is a lot more stuff it can do, the readme is worth a read.): - imagine a cuboid, encasing your property. - go to any corner of the cuboid, and do /area_pos1. - go to the opposite corner, and do /area_pos2. - do a quick/protect <name> (<name> being the name of your area), and it should tell you its protected, as well as its id.

for more commands, look at the offical readme


logs the chat into the world folder, under chat_record.txt.


hides an user, for secret spying

extract from the readme:

  • /cloak [victim]: Cloaks yourself, alternatively an unsuspecting victim.
  • /uncloak [victim]: Uncloaks yourself, or a victim.
  • /cloak_chat <message>: Sends <message> to all online players with the cloaking privilege. You can disable cloaked chat by setting cloaking.enable_cloaked_chat to false in minetest.conf.


extract from the readme:

Send an email:

  • /mail username message to send

View inbox:

  • /inbox
  • /inbox text

No formspec commands (good for IRC):

  • /mail username <message to send>
  • /inbox text
  • /inbox clear


extract from readme:


  • /notify <player_name> <msg> Send a notification (msg) to name.
  • /notify_all <msg> Send a global notification msg.


  • /notify LegendaryGriefer Stop griefing or face a ban!
  • /notify_all Attention! The server will be shutting down for maintenance in 15 minutes.


a mod that fixes problems with the map. to run, do /mapfix <range, with "<range>" being the radius of blocks to refresh.

opening hours

helps you to make sure people only come on at certain times. to change the hours, go into the init.lua, and edit lines 12-35. sorry, but i dont know how to develop mods. it needs a .conf. by default, its set to open 8-22, fitting in with my waking times (7:30-22:30) (you cant edit with 30 minute granularity, only 60).


this mod removes unkown nodes in a range. to initiate, its /rm <range>. you need a priv to execute it. perfect one-time tool when everything is going wrong. i reccomend you disable it until you need it


this mod allows players to tell the mods about griefers.

extract from readme:

Suppose player, griefer and moderator are online players.
player runs this command: /report griefer is griefing
moderator sees: -!- player reported: griefer is griefing
The Admin (named in "name") is mailed via email: <player1> Report: player2 is griefing (mods online: player3)


extract from readme: Overwrites the default grant, grantme and revoke chatcommands to add revoke or grant expiration.


The default commands still work for permanant grants and revokes, however you can optionally select a time period whereby the revoke/granting will be reverted.

grant <playername> <time-optional> <privstring>

grantme <time-optional> <privstring>

revoke <playername> <time-optional> <privstring>

<time> syntax:

  • 1s - one second.
  • 1m - one minute.
  • 1h - one hour.
  • 1D - one day (24 hours).
  • 1W - one week (7 days).
  • 1M - one month (30 days).
  • 1Y - one year (360 days).


heavily edited extract from readme:

Chat commands

The mod provides the following chat commands. All commands require the ban privilege.


Usage: /xban <player_or_ip> <reason>

Example: /xban Some reason.


Usage: /xtempban <player_or_ip> <time> <reason>

The time parameter is a string in the format <count><unit> where <unit> is one of s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, D for days, W for weeks, M for months, or Y for years. If the unit is omitted, it is assumed to mean seconds. For example, 42s means 42 seconds, 1337m 1337 minutes, and so on. You can chain more than one such group and they will add up. For example, 1Y3M3D7h will ban for 1 year, 3 months, 3 days and 7 hours.

Example: /xtempban Joe 3600 Some reason.


Usage: /xunban <player_or_ip>

Example: /xunban Joe#



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