Adds 8 new Biomes as well as more type of wood and tree etc... Discord server:

Adventure / RPG Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Plants and Farming


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  • Gorgeous biomes!

    These biomes are some of the most colorful and creative biomes you'll find on ContentDB. The charm and character of each biome are a testament to the author's vision. Below is a brief description of these biomes' prominent qualities:

    • Dorwinion and Nightshade forests feature large trees with lighted leaves for enchanting nighttime exploration
    • Frost Land has a wonderful winter atmosphere with snow-covered trees and icy decor
    • Badland has all the key elements of a spooky autumn landscape
    • Prairie is incredibly vibrant with a lively spectrum of trees, flowers, and butterflies
    • Japanese Forest features beautifully colored trees and unique ground cover
    • Bamboo Forest is a superior jungle biome with the addition of bamboo and melons
    • Terracotta is a hot desert biome remniscent of the American southwest complete with shapely cactus

    In addition to visual qualities, many of the biomes feature unique wood and/or stone for which there are often decorative variants of each node. These little extras add even more to building and exploration.

    Screenshots alone don't do it justice. Download this mod and experience the wonders for yourself.

  • Great Biomes and Textures

    Adds more biomes to the world... really good ones and doesnt appear to make any lag with cool tress and bushes... and some nice textures... definately recommending this mod to play around with.

    Tried it together with ethereal and they dont seem to break each other maybe some tweaks to the textures of this collection to the mod would be needed but overall, it was a nice expiriment....

  • Nice biomes

    a good mod that compliments the playability of the