For Minetest 5.0 and above

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  • Nature being beautiful...

    I use this mod on my server and it makes everything look so much better and prettier. Good textures and variety of nature like its title says!

  • Really nice biomes

    But gives me Number of registerable nodes (32768) exceeded

  • Great variety, 100% tree coverage

    It's a wonderful modpack that really brings variety to the base game that is Minetest Game.


    • Tree schematics are high quality
    • Good extra schematics such as boulders
    • Great integration with fences, walls etc


    • Biggest issue, hence neutral rating: trees and other schematics now covers 100% of biomes that supports trees being placed in them. Unless you're super into woodchopping or pyromania this way too much coverage. Save some plains!
    • Trees being placed at identical height makes for a very flat look at the tree tops. Suggest you randomize vertical placement somewhat.
    • Floating boulders. They should also sink into the environment much more. Some boulders also stick out from small cliff shelves. Suggest you check for more ground nodes when placing them.
    • I'm missing a mixing of the original trees and the new ones (maybe that's been tried and ruled out)
    • Textures are a mixed bag. Some blurry, some not matching overall palette (bamboo trunks, for example)
  • Finds the beauty in nature

    Rather than going the route of flashy and un-realistic biomes, these biomes truly capture the subtle beauty in nature. Atlante has an artist's eye for color and shapes of nature, and you can see that in this modpack. Honestly these biomes are the best Minetest has to offer, and they match and in some cases surpass the biomes in Minecraft which spends hundreds of millions of dollars on artists and developers.

  • Integrates well with Minetest

    This mod is really nice, I really like the textures and especially the trees which are really well done, despite some clumsiness in the code , it remains good and pleasant. I test them in survival on Minetest Game and fit really well into the game, which is great, some biome mods don't fit too well into minetest which is a bit of a shame, so thank you to you and your efforts

  • Pink trees are laggy and unnatural

    Pink trees spawning particles on a schedule is very unrealistic. It feels like ticking clocks. Furthermore, at the moment of each such spawn, the FPS drops from 60 to 30.


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