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Riddance: Rid yourself of stuff you don't want

Don't like fire? Want to hide TNT from the creative menu? Maybe get rid of that annoying biome from your favourite game or a useless chat command? You can do all of these things with Riddance.

Riddance can rid you of:

  • Items - which means nodes, craftitems, and tools
  • Biomes
  • Chat commands

Riddance can also hide items from the creative inventory.

Who and what is riddance for?

Riddance is for people that want to remove certain small things from their world without needing to code and without needing to modify the mods that add those undesired things.

Riddance is not a proper solution for more complicated tasks like preventing people from using stuff without removing it entirely. Assume that players will get their hands on any item hidden by riddance in some other way than via the creative inventory, such as /give or their friends. Instead of relying on security by obscurity, take the proper measures such as privilege checks.

Riddance is not a complete solution for existing worlds. You will need other mods to remove unknown nodes and unknown items that it might cause. Deleting biomes will probably result in discontinuities between old and new map generation.

Riddance has no mod load order issues, Riddance runs after all the mods are loaded. Riddance can run for any game or mod in Minetest, not just specific ones like Minetest Game, Mineclone or Ethereal.

Configuring riddance

Riddance is configured with lists of things to rid and hide. You simply write a list of the things, each separated by a comma, to rid/hide all of them in the list. Spaces can optionally be used. For example to rid yourself of fire, flint and steel, and TNT in Minetest Game, you would configure Ridding items in the menu (riddance.rid_items technical name) like so:


You can show itemstrings (technical names) for all inventory items by enabling Settings -> Graphics and Audio -> User Interfaces -> GUIs -> Append item name, which if done via minetest.conf would be the line

tooltip_append_itemname = true


See the functions exported at the bottom of init.lua. There is no particular benefit to using these if you already know what you are doing, barring some future update like a riddance GUI.


Riddance is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License, see LICENSE.txt for details.



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