BlockColor is a creative sandbox with only 8 colors.

Building Creative


I will not update this version for Minetest anymore, the code is open. you have the choice to continue or modify the project.

Given the great work he did on MineClone2, I decided to transfer control of the source code to Wuzzy. I did not ask him, so he'll be surprised. I leave free to choose to transfer the source code to someone else or to keep it in control. My choice is to stop using Minetest for different reasons (I decided after that to leave on Unity and Stop OpenSource).

But it was my duty to respect the people who participated and also to respect the opensource vision. For this reason, i transfert the code to ensure that the code remains available at a person who seems to me stable, who is fairly neutral and who makes good job. I think you can understand, i have choice Wuzzy. I have every confidence in my choice.

For CDB :

For StandAlone :

If he wishes, you can transfert my CDB filings and change ownership for give to Wuzzy

Good Day and Thank.