Challenging, at times brutal, wilderness survival with simple technology. [Old version, not currently maintained]

Adventure / RPG One-of-a-kind / Original Survival

State: Draft
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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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You have been thrown into exile for your crimes into a harsh and strange wilderness. Those who sent you consider your punishment to be an execution by other means.

Can you cheat fate and live?

Can you uncover the mysteries of the cursed land of your exile?

(Currently a work in progress, but a is a full playable game. This version is not currently being maintained. More up to date versions should be available elsewhere.)



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  • Welcome to Cold Australia

    ...where the chickens kill you, plants kill you, the weather kills you, and basically, you're dead. Think you can just punch some trees to make them cough up wood planks? Think again, chump. Nothing works like you're used to, but everything actually makes a lot of sense. A lot more than most block games. Instead of a crafting grid, each crafting rig has its own list of recipes. This provides a nice pace of tech progress without spoilers, and without the need for a craft guide. It actually takes quite a while to crawl out of the stone age, too. I wouldn't mind being able to go beyond iron and, well... you know, the other stuff, which you can't do a lot of crafting with. Could definitely use more tech. More stuff to do once you obtain everything. Maybe more content (ways to die) in the dungeons, because they're just very dark and vast at the moment.

    Sadly, this game pulls messy code from some other mods, making some parts really unstable. Map generation in particular is dangerous. Dungeons can eat your items, and a volcano may get corrupted into a mess of mapblocks. Many parts of the game have not been designed for multiplayer, and while they can be patched, it's quite an ordeal to get it to work. Still, we had a blast on Gundul's server and I'd like to see this cleaned up and finished.

  • Nice hardcore game

    If you like hard/hardcore games that don't focus as much on the mental part of things like Nodecore you may enjoy this game.

    Good to see this is still being continued after Dokimi left!

  • Brutal, buggy, and imperfect - but still fun

    Played this online with a few people a while back.

    I pretty much constantly died

    There was also a bunch of multiplayer bugs - be careful not to sleep on the same bed as someone else! The temperature system was buggy and unintuitive, and low health movement was very glitchy.

    But it's an ambitious game, and impressive as a one-person project.

  • damm

    this can be the gamemod efor you especially if youre into hard things



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