Better Fauna adds mobs with consistently styled models, group spawning, and minimal lag.


Currently the plan for this mod is roll out various mobs through phases.

Phase 1 (Basic mobs)

Phase 1 adds basic mobs that are meant as livestock

Phase 2 (Companions)

The plan for Phase 2 is to add tamable companion mobs, such as cats, wolves, and horses.

Current Mobs


Cows spawn in Grasslands and Savannas in groups of up to 3.

  • Drops: Raw Beef (Leather if mobs redo is enabled)
  • Follows: Wheat
  • Can be milked by right-clicking with a bucket


Sheep spawn in Grasslands in groups of up to 6.

  • Drops: Raw Mutton, Wool
  • Follows: Wheat
  • Can be dyed any color


Pigs spawn in Grasslands and Deciduous Forests in groups of up to 3.

  • Drops: Raw Porkchop
  • Follows: Carrot


Chickens spawn in Grasslands and Savannas in groups of up to 6.

  • Drops: Raw Chicken
  • Follows: Wheat and Cotton Seeds
  • Occasionally drops Eggs (if female)


  • New Textures
  • Add more functionality to certain items
  • Add Phase 2
  • ???

Compatible Mods

Mobs Redo - If enabled, Cows will drop leather and sheep can be sheared



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Uh... not sure if this happens to anyone else

    when an animal spawns they are standing still they do not move unless you hit them and after you hit them they just start running in circles forever


  • I was amazed

    The animals are very beautiful, you can see the quality of your programming, and they behave and work very properly. I love it

    Suggestions: Since you have put symbols "???" I will take the liberty of giving you ideas that occur to me, you are the developer so there you know haha, mobs in the dark and for caves, not necessarily spiders or bats or the classic, although welcome, but also serpietes, species of insects and then that they have their respective neutrality or hostility, and fish, I know that there are already others that have made fish mobs but I would like to appreciate your quality haha. Best regards.


  • My first look: Really a better alternative - needs update to support minetest 5.4.0

    Nice textures, sounds, animations. I prefer these over the old mobs.


  • looks good!!

    I really like the look of these animals :) ist it already possible to breed them?


  • Early days but this is the one to watch

    Among the best models/textures for animal mobs, especially in the terrestrial mob category. Better Fauna presents a very consistent feel across the various animals available, highlighting the care by ElCeejo put into designing each creature. Being mobkit based means there is also a lot of potential for advanced behaviours and interactions between these mobs to simulate an proper ecosystem.

    Onward to the future

    As the title states, it is early days, but I am looking forward to seeing the roster of animals expand until this can serve as the de facto animal mod to populate a whole world. Preferably this would mean biome specific animals, e.g. polar bears in snowy/ice biomes, foxes or badgers in forests, etc. to encourage exploration and give each biome a distinct feel. Though other mods more or less do this already, having a menagerie of 'real world animals' in ElCeejo's style would greatly enhance any Minetest game. If eventually there could be bonus animals for specific Ethereal biomes, that would be a real clincher.

    Once the roster is more complete, or as it is developing, the second priority should be taking advantage of mobkit to make distinct behaviours and game-play experiences, establishing predator/prey dynamics and unique behaviours for mobs that affect the world. Animals like cows for example are more dangerous when cornered in real life than in Minetest, Minecraft or most similar games.

    Possible improvement to the current mod

    One minor point that could be improved would be to add a few different sounds per mob so that they can cycle through them and sound less repetitive. Maybe spacing out their calls more or making them more situation dependant would help too.

    In closing

    I am optimistic about Better Fauna's future. Though it current does not add many animals, each one is well executed.


  • great!

    nice textures! nice animals! nice Licence!