Advanced Chest (Clone From Mineclone2)

Add useful chests (Linkable chest, Shulker box) to game

Storage Survival

This mod added some chests to the minetest-game.
WARNING: Don't use with mineclone2 game!


  • Shulker box (mcl_chests:(color)_shulker_box)
  • Chests that can link to other chest: (mcl_chests:chest, mcl_chests:trapped_chest)
  • Ender chest (mcl_chests:ender_chest)



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  • shulker box is hopelessly broken

    I don't know about trapped chests, but requiring all of mesecons if you aren't using them already is a bit much. Should just adapt what is needed from mcl2 mesecons/redstone. Double chests and ender chest seem fine. Posting a fix for shulker boxes to the forum topic.


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