For Minetest 5.4 and above

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This V3 of mcl_dream will change a LOT of things

Changelog : 4 New structures (dungeons) that spawn everywhere The Giant Dream in the overworld on the surface The Spider Dream in the underground The Nether Dream in the nether The Ender Dream in the ender. 4 New totems each located in its own dungeon because yes you will have to do all 4 dungeons to craft the boss. New Monsters. Spider Dream. Dream Ghast. Dream Blaze. Creeper Dream. The BOSS The Dream Error (500 HP). The Classic Dreams have been upgraded and give a block when they die that will allow them to summon the Dream Error. Each dungeon has its own loots (the one at the end is OP). A new ore allowing to craft tools as well as super enchanted apple. The Dream Error has a death toll of 4 Netherite blocks and 4... The New monsters give dream apples when they die (they are hard to beat :) To craft the dream error spawn egg you will need craftable blocks from the dungeon totems and the dream channel blocks (given by the classic dream) The dungeons are more or less big and more or less trapped and difficult THE DONJONS DON'T FORCELY GIVE THEIR TOTEMS (it's so that you explore more the dungeons :) Sometimes... the chests can be empty... ! WORKS ONLY IN Mineclone 2 !



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