Text Text.

Replace textures of nodes with their names.


For Minetest 5.5 and above

How do I install this?

Replaces textures of all nodes with their names.


Toggle texttext_cache_enabled, cache is disabled by default. Cache requires an insecure environment. Textures are cached in the mod's folder.

To clear the texture cache run /texttext_clear. This requires the server priv (operator).

If you plan to run Text Text on a server, it is reccomended to enable cache. Without it [png is used, which has a larger network impact.


To change the name format see option texttext_name_format.
You may use:

  • The full techical name.
  • The techincal name, excluding modname.
  • The short description / user-facing name. [BROKEN]
  • The full description. [BROKEN]



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good!

    I like it and the idea, good job!

  • Cute tech demo. Previous version took ages to load, but that is now fixed!

    This mod makes the world a lot more literal.

    Long node names are hard to read though; the mod should use line breaks.

    This mod slowed loading the game a lot. This was fixed and I can recommend it now.

    Part of my earlier critcism is still relevant and there was a conversation, so my previous review can be read below. Note that I have since put the mod tga_encoder on ContentDB, which makes it trivial to generate textures for Minetest <5.5.

    This mod does exactly what the description says.

    However, it contains three technical flaws:

    First, textures are regenerated every time a world is loaded. This is wasteful and not necessary. This is probably what makes it very slow. Second, textures are given via the texture modifier [png. This is wasteful and does not degrade gracefully in older versions. Third, textures are generated as RGBA, even though they are simple monochrome bitmaps.

    Here is how I would fix those:

    First, write the textures to the filesystem instead of using the [png texture modifier. Second, generate the text textures only if they do not exist on the filesystem yet. Third, use TGA as the file format (~20 bytes header, dump pixels, write footer).

    This should result in a mod that is much faster and also compatible with older Minetest versions.