Adds stuff to make waffles (and the waffles themselves of course).

Food / Drinks

Mod Contains:

  • Wafflemaker
  • Toaster (homedecor toaster if homedecor is present)
  • Package of Toaster Waffles
  • Toaster Waffle
  • Slice of Bread
  • Toast
  • Large Waffle
  • Small Waffle
  • Waffle Batter (in a can)

How the Wafflemaker Works:

  • Place a wafflemaker
  • Punch it to open
  • Hold a can of batter, and punch the wafflemaker
  • Punch again to close
  • After 5 seconds, the wafflemaker will open with a cooked waffle
  • Punch again to retrieve waffle

How the Toaster Works:

  • Place a toaster
  • Hold some bread or a package of toaster waffles
  • Punch the toaster
  • Punch again to start toasting
  • After a few seconds, 2 toaster waffles or pieces of toast will pop up
  • Punch again to retrieve

Important stuff:

  • A can of waffle batter can only be used 3 times
  • A package of toaster waffles yeilds 6 toaster waffles (3 uses on toaster)
  • The wafflemaker has a different recipe if homedecor is enabled
  • If homedecor is enabled, this mod will not register a toaster. Use the
    homedecor toaster
  • The wafflemaker produces a large waffle, which gives you 8 hp
    (four hearts) when eaten
  • The large waffle can be placed in your crafting grid to produce
    4 smaller waffles
  • Each small waffle gives you 2 hp (one heart)
  • Each toaster waffle gives you 4 hp (two hearts)


  • Waffle Maker:
    S = Steel Ingot C = Copper Ingot F = Furnace

(reverse works aswell)

  • Waffle Maker Alternate (if Homedecor is present)
    PS = Plastic Sheet PC = Power Crystal C = Copper Strip H = Heating Element
|C ||H ||PS|  
(reverse works aswell)  
  • Toaster:
    S = Steel Ingot C = Copper Ingot L = Lava Bucket

(homedecor recipe is different. Check the homdecor mod for it's recipe)

  • Waffle Batter
    F = Flour B = Bucket with Water

(can go anywhere in grid as long as they are above each other and in that order)

  • Package of Toaster Waffles
    P = Paper B = Waffle Batter
| ||P|| |  
| ||P|| |   

There are separate models, but only one is obtainable from the creative inventory.
DO NOT place waffles:wafflemaker_closed_full if you have used /giveme. It is not diggable and can only be removed with worldedit or an admin pick.
Warning: If you leave the world while a wafflemaker or toaster is cooking, it
will be stuck that way when you return (worldedit/adminpick required).



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