Adds stuff to make waffles (and the waffles themselves of course).

Player Effects / Food / Power Ups

Mod Contains:

How the Wafflemaker Works:

How the Toaster Works:

Important stuff:



(reverse works aswell)

|C ||H ||PS|  
(reverse works aswell)  

(homedecor recipe is different. Check the homdecor mod for it's recipe)


(can go anywhere in grid as long as they are above each other and in that order)

| ||P|| |  
| ||P|| |   

There are separate models, but only one is obtainable from the creative inventory.
DO NOT place waffles:wafflemaker_closed_full if you have used /giveme. It is not diggable and can only be removed with worldedit or an admin pick.
Warning: If you leave the world while a wafflemaker or toaster is cooking, it
will be stuck that way when you return (worldedit/adminpick required).

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