This adds new life to water and river_water:

In the sea you can find whales, sharks, sea-urchins, jellyfish and clams.

In riverwater you can find the riverfish and piranhas in jungle and savanna biome

There are also brown and green kelp for cold water and a few new corals for warmer water.

the goal of this mod is to make animals which behave like animals and know of what happens around them. Also corals can spread, rivive, die or be eaten by sea urchins. A true living flora and fauna.

Muddy River Water can be turned on in the mod's settings and should be done before starting a new map.

It also holds a library of programming tools, like radar, sonar and more. A documented lua_api.txt is in the folder.



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  • Water Life: Must have enhancement for bodies of water

    Does exactly what it says on the tin

    Water Life really brings your world to life, primarily focused on bodies of water. Its mobs bring danger and immersion to the world, from ravenous crocodiles lurking in rivers to little tokay geckos that liven up the night with their calls. The models are much less blocky than some of the other mob options out there. There are enough creatures with specific behaviours that the mod provides a variety game-play experiences, so it doesn't feel like each mob is just a copy and paste reskin.

    Any Minetest world I create has this installed. That being said, the mod does have a few rough spots.

    Minor issues:

    1. Seagulls. The quality of this mob is vastly inferior to any of the other mobs in Water Life. They clip straight into the floor and awkwardly flop about, after which their texture seems to turn solid black. Their calls are jarringly loud and shrill. Gundul is the person behind Aerotest, so it would be great seagulls get a complete makeover, behaviour and model wise, so they were capable of landing, walking on beaches, etc.

    2. Combat feedback. More could be done to enhance the experience of fighting these mobs; either by having them flash red when hit like in some mods, or playing a particle effect, or preferably by the mob making a sound when hurt.

    3. Rattlesnake poisoning. It's especially jarring in single player that poisoning persists after death. It wouldn't be as bad if the antidote was easier to get, but I have never managed to catch three rattlesnakes. This is especially difficult if you turn the spawn rate for mobs down in Minetest for performance reasons. Maybe catching one rattlesnake should be enough, or adding the optional ability for items added by other mobs to cure poisoning, e.g. the golden apples from Healing Trees in Ethereal.


    These minor issues don't stop this from being one of the best mods for making your worlds feel more alive and fun to explore.

  • nice mod

    well built mod based on top of mobkit, worse i can say is some of the mob spawning rates seems to be to high by default, but that depends from person to person

  • Every server should have it installed

    This mod makes the world a lot more interesting and challenging

  • I made a shark tank to test the 3d_armor API, and ran into a crash

    AsyncErr: ServerThread::run Lua: Runtime error from mod '??' in callback luaentity_Step(): [Redacted]/mods/water_life/behaviors.lua:509: attempt to compare number with nil
    stack traceback: 
        [Redacted]/mods/water_life/behaviors.lua:509: in function 'func'
        [Redacted]/mods/mobkit/init.lua:621: in function 'execute_queues'
        [Redacted]/mods/mobkit/init.lua:848: in function <[Redacted]/mods/mobkit/init.lua:825>

    Its a great mod, I'm using 5.4 from Flathub and I've never run into other issues with it.

    Update: One of the mods updated and the issue went away. It was either that or a conflict with 3d_armor_flyswim