Main game features:

  • hunger and thirst mechanics
  • realistic physics: dirt, cobbles and similar will fall like sand; trees can't be chopped without a tool; etc.
  • realistic game mechanics: to craft stone tools you will have to dig for rocks; you can craft charcoal; torches aren't everlasting; you can't collect lava; etc.
  • slower time speed: a day cycle lasts 60min, this means that you have 30min of daytime to set up your refuge; thirst, torches' duration are set to be consistent with this speed.
  • improved caves, richer resources: the underground biome uses Subterrane and DFCaverns (click for a guide with screenshots), meaning that below a certain depth you will start to find stalactites, stalagmites, mushrooms, etc. making the cave biomes truly a new, gorgeous other world. Furthermore, thanks to Real Minerals, ores aren't limited to the usual iron-diamonds set, in fact you'll find about thirty (30) new ores, allowing you to smelt new ingots, craft new metal blocks and alloys.
  • in-game documentation: recipes and additional informations are accessible through the inventory's "More" tab, which will lead you to the crafting guide and the encyclopedia; you will not need anymore to search informations about gameplay and crafting recipes.
  • farming: you can grow many different types of crops.
  • extended inventory space: you can craft leather or wool backpacks to sort and carry around your things while you explore.
  • medieval blocks: an extensive selection for construction, decorattion, and interaction; lead-framed glasses, tapestries, arrowslits, gates, drawbridges, etc.



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