For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Balrogs will be spawned starting from a depth of -1800.
They are extremely powerful (HP: 200-600; Damage: 20), thus will be very rare.
If you manage to defeat one, it may drop a fire whip.
You can tune this mod through Settings/Advanced Settings/Mods/mobs_balrog

This mob was originally developed for the Lord of The Rings Game, I've just made it a separate mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Worked on 5.4

    Really cool & tough mob. Don't know if I would attempt fighting this thing on a survival server.

    The current version (0.4.0) officially only supports up to Minetest 5.1. But I was able to run it on 5.4 with just a few warning messages. Didn't seem to have any other problems.

  • You shall not pass

    Make sure you are well kitted out with armor and weapons before going anywhere near this guy.

  • Hey finally something to an adventurer

    I always wanted to have a boss battle with not too many mobs like nssm. And it is here now a powerful creature who has greate damageable powers and who does not want it. But I wanted to make a request to you to make another mob like flame wolf who you can tame and has some powers and a high health pool and a inventory

  • works with 0.4 and 5.2

    i made some ajustments and able to work with 0.4 and 5.2 versions..

    now its working and you can play with it in the sub nasa gov server (hidden to find use telegram)