Balrogs will be spawned starting from a depth of -1800.
They are extremely powerful (HP: 200-600; Damage: 20), thus will be very rare.
If you manage to defeat one, it may drop a fire whip.
You can tune this mod through Settings/Advanced Settings/Mods/mobs_balrog

This mob was originally developed for the Lord of The Rings Game, I've just made it a separate mod.



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  • Worked on 5.4

    Really cool & tough mob. Don't know if I would attempt fighting this thing on a survival server.

    The current version (0.4.0) officially only supports up to Minetest 5.1. But I was able to run it on 5.4 with just a few warning messages. Didn't seem to have any other problems.

  • You shall not pass

    Make sure you are well kitted out with armor and weapons before going anywhere near this guy.