For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Do not use this mod without using also 3D Armor: you will be 'naked' against armored mobs.

- Spawn at -300 and below.
- Miner, Soldier, Marksman, Paladine.
- Attack monsters (and players if provoked).
- Recover health, gain experience (armor and damage).
- Drop Minetest Game's default tools and weapons.
- Miners will dig ores and place torches.
- If rightclicked will tell their names (Esperanto phrase, random name; see alphabet.txt for the special letters.).
- Random class, appearence, tools/weapons.
- Can be "tamed" using using one lump/ingot/crystal of gold, mese or diamond.

Advanced settings:
- Option to toggle dwarves digging ores and placing torces.
- Option to toggle hovering nametags: Given name (Dwarf class).



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