Do not use this mod without using also 3D Armor: you will be 'naked' against armored mobs.

  • Toggle the hovering nametag using the advanced options.
  • The mod includes four skins: two masculine and two feminine.
  • You can increase the number of used skins placing them into the textures' folder and adding the skin's name in init.lua at line 542.
  • They do not wield weapons, nor wear armors.
  • If you rightclick a mob, it will tell you its name, for the special letters' spelling see alphabet.txt
  • Drop a custom bones node, self removing after 5-10mins.
    -- Thanks to Christian9 for his Bones Model [mod]
  • Can be spawned using the spawner egg.
    --- These stats are randomly chosen at mob spawn time:
  • Given name
  • Type (animal, NPC, monster)
  • Armor (min 100, max 10)
  • Passive (animals/NPCs)
  • Attack type (NPCs/monsters):
    -- dogfight, shoot, dogshoot (thrown stones will deal 6HP damage)
  • Walk chance
  • Runaway (animals)
  • View range
  • Damage dealt
  • Water damage taken
  • Lava/fire damage taken
  • Swimming ability (Float)
  • Docile by day (monsters)
  • Attack monsters (NPCs)
  • Attack animals (monsters)
  • Group attack (NPCs/monsters)
  • Health recovery over time.
  • Armor and/or damage dealt may increase by 1point if foes die or flee.



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