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A brand new product for those who dislike insects, the Fly-B-Gone mod is a breath of fresh and bugless air. By enabling this mod, Minetest Game's butterflies and fireflies will vanish from your world. The change is non-destructive; if you ever change your mind about the 'flies, bringing them back is as easy as removing this mod.


Fly-B-Gone offers several settings to tweak your now arthropod-free life:

  • hide_butterflies: Hide all butterflies (On by default)

  • hide_fireflies: Hide all fireflies (On by default)

  • keep_bottled_fireflies: Keep the 'Firefly in a Bottle' node when hide_fireflies is active, allowing you to keep using it for decoration without letting wild fireflies roam free. (Off by default)


For questions, requests, and other communications regarding this work, you can contact the original creator at



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