Provides an expanded collection of bookshelves.


Have YOU ever wanted to make a bookshelf out of leaves, coral, lava or any other completely unsuitable material? Well, now you can!

minetest-game provides a single bookshelf made out of default wood.

This mod provides (as standard) bookshelves made out of about forty additional materials. A few of them use animated textures.

Each bookshelf come in two varities: the ordinary version, and a lockable version (with glass doors). Skeleton keys from default can be used with the lockable version.

You can easily add or remove bookshelves; just open the init.lua file in a text editor, and add or remove lines from the list. You can create a bookshelf out of (almost) any material: as long as minetest can retrieve the texture, than decoshelves can use that texture.



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