This mod is based on the original real_names mod by Extex101.

It provides the ability to create "realistic" names for players, from a variety of different cultures. New lists of names (and new cultures) can be added simply by creating a few text files.


Use the drop-down box to select a culture.

Click the Boy and Girl buttons to switch between male/female names. Click the Roll button to select a new given name, or a new family name. A random name is selected from a list.

The box at the bottom shows a full name. For some cultures, the family name might appear before the given name. When you're happy with the full name, click the Save button to accept it.

Two chat commands are available:

    /name_info - Displays your current "real" name

    /name_info <player> - Displays the "real" name of <player>

    /change_name - Opens the name selection dialogue

    /change_name <player> - Shows the name selection dialogue to <player>

    /change_name <player> <first> <second> - Sets the "real" name of <player> directly

Note that <first> may be the given name, or the family name, depending on the culture.

Note also that the /change_name command requires the change_name privilege.


The mod comes with four sets of names: the original American set, a new British set, and sample sets for Czech and Vietnamese (showcasing the mod's ability to generate names in the correct format for those cultures).

Adding new cultures/names is simple. First, open the config file ../names/config.txt in your favourite text editor.

Every line in this file represents a single culture/language. Every line is in the format:

    type name

...where name is a name for the culture (e.g. French, Japanese), and type is one of the following words:

    western slavic asian

For the type western, we expect a west-European style name like Adam Smith or Alice Smith.

For the type slavic, we expect a Slavic-style name, in which the family name is different for boys and girls, e.g. Tomas Novák and Jana Nováková.

For the type asian, we expect an Asian-style name, in which the family name comes first, e.g. Nguyễn Chi and Nguyễn Chau.

Having added a new culture like French to the file, you should now create a sub-folder with the same name, for example ../names/French.

This sub-folder should contain one or more of the following text files:


Each text file should contain a list of names, one per line.

The first three files should exist for all cultures. For the slavic culture type, use last.txt to specify male family names, and lastgirl.txt to specify female family names.


Q: Why doesn't this mod provide names for $RANDOM_COUNTRY?

A: Do it yourself, using the instructions below.

Q: How do I change the culture visible by default?

A: The default culture is the first one in the config file (described below), so just change the order of the lines in that file.



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