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A simple and small mod adding goo ore and goo tools.

It's my first mod so don't judge.



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  • stuff_mods++

    Quoting my review of the last stuff mod:

    We have plenty of "stuff" in addition to the stone, wood, iron, bronze, mese & diamond "stuff" tiers usually provided by MTG already:

    (plus even more stuff mods which do not live on CDB or have died with MT 0.4.x, such as galvorn & mithril in LOTT; besides, has anyone ever considered a more specific name like "equipment" rather than the insanely generic "stuff"?)

    This is boring. It already was boring in Minetest Game - the tools don't differ except in their stats. Generally, the better the tier, the better the stats. "Stuff" mods just add yet another boring & redundant tier. The only notable exception here is LandarVargan's Lava Stuff, which has special effects (e.g. the lava pickaxe already "cooks" everything you dig with it like the MTG furnace).