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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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An aMAZEing Minetest game

5 Unique styles! Music! Creativity!

Just escape the maze to "win" and you'll be greeted with the main menu to try a different style!

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The five styles are:

  • classic
  • grassy _ Fun music and fun gameplay
  • glass _ challenging, puzzling
  • cave _ Adventure Filled and Unique
  • club _ Like having a party

To quit a level or restart in-game, press "i" or the inventory button.

You always start in the middle of a maze and try to escape through any edge.

The limit on maze size is ~200 by 200.

You can add your own styles and maze generation!

Just have a read through the included to learn more


Most everything here is either CC-BY-SA-4.0 or MIT license, see the License file in the game folder.

You really gotta try the "cave" and "club" styles, they're neat!

If you like the rocks, you can find them and more in my rocks mod:)

Be sure to check out my other stuff too: Just_Visiting's Mods and Games



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  • Simple concept, strong execution

    Much like with Box World 3D, I don't really feel the need to describe the game because I suspect everyone here has seen a maze before. And indeed, this game provides mazes just as promised!

    The game has some nice touches, such as providing a soundtrack (with per-theme tracks even!) and some custom UI for picking mazes/restarting if you get stuck. I didn't see any bugs while playing, and what's there is relatively well-polished. Some of the themes also have neat visual touches, like the fake reflections and particles of the club theme or the fact that the glass theme is a hell that will haunt my nightmares tonight :)

    If there's one clear improvement I'd like to see eventually, it'd be a proper 3rd-person mode where you look down at the maze. Switching camera modes kinda works, but it's a very janky and disorienting experience due to the camera clipping and lack of player model. Having a more polished custom solution would be really neat, and I think it would help add more replay value to this otherwise short experience.

    This is not a game I expect anyone to sink hours into, but it's a nice way to spend 15min and it speaks to the presentation possible in more restrictive Minetest experiences. Good job.

  • This mod is helping me and another player create a 99x99 four-quadrant sequential algorithm maze.

    We went through a large list of potential algorithms to find what we thought were the best candidates for difficulty, reaching the objective estimate of 1) Kruskal's. 2) Prim's Modified (lowest weight branch approach). 3) Recursive Backtracking. and 4) Wilson's algorithm. Since this mod generates using Wilson's algorithm, we are successfully able to translate that into our project, after having difficulty finding any functioning block-based maze generators.

    I would also enjoy if your mod were able to generate using other algorithms, and put various types of bounding walls around the edges, and have an option that ensures it is a perfect maze with only one solution. Using 2/16 obsidian slab walls (moreblocks saw table) and other slab options to better fit commonplace maze generators would be a good option aswell.

    I really enjoyed your club and other maps -- there is a lot of creativity and atmosphere in this mod. Excellent work.

  • good game

    I think, the game is good but the textures can be better.

  • A Super-Fun Game

    I really enjoy this game. The concept is great, and the music is enjoyable and fitting. I especially like the club mazes. My son fell in love with this game at first sight because he really enjoys mazes.

  • A Good Maze Game

    Actually this game has customizable maze which is good. The club has customised colour marks, glass is confusing as you know. If you would like to do mazes this is the thing for you. I think multiplayer may make things interesting if it is possible (I didn't try.)

  • bonito pero aburrido

    La generacion es buena pero me aburro jugando

  • Loved the game stunning

    I just love the game it is so amazing and would say it looks like it is the final product.I was so impressed by the simplicity of the game,the music which it uses and the textures of the blocks.That is why I always play this game

  • Awesome! A few suggestions..

    I think you should have the player. So you can look at yourself/model. And maybe have the hand to. I just helps I think to make you feel like you're more lost in a maze. I also didn't like the huge textures, and they were slowing my pc down I think. It would probably be nicer to have smaller textures.

    Besides that, this was really fun! Keep it up!


  • left, left, left

    visually pleasing mazes to solve, got lost way to many times :P

  • A nice labyrinth game

    The game do just as advertised, it is a maze generator with the option of changing the ambiance and the dificulty of the maze.

  • I cant complete hard mode :d

    A good and simple game



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