Enables players to turn themselves into a cursor.


Cursor is a mod that enables players to turn themselves into a cursor and back. The cursor is moved with the same keys as the default player model. As a cursor you are still able to dig, place and interact with blocks using your mouse. You are also able to replace non solid blocks at the position the cursor is located using the special key. The block used is the block you wield. If you want to remove a block, you have to wield an item that is not a node or no item at all and be inside it. This mod doesn't change the amount of blocks a player has in his inventory.

To turn yourself into a cursor you need to have the privileges fly and noclip and use the command toCursor. This state is not saved, so you will not be a cursor in case you leave and rejoin. To turn yourself back you need to use the command fromCursor. fromCursor sets properties back to the values that have been saved with toCursor.

This mod has an optional dependency to WorldEdit. In case you use it, this mod registers a wand that enables you to set the first and the second position to the current position of the player. You don't need to be a cursor to use it. This mod also adds a resize item that changes the volume the cursor manipulates. It has a range of 1 to 21.

This mod is rated Sammy 3.



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