Drug Wars by LorenzoVulcan

Adds functional drugs and other related items to Minetest

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Drug abusing, dealing, smuggling and organized crime damaged and still damage many cities (like mine...). Minetest is just a game and Drug Wars doesn't encourage in any way illegal acts related to narcotics. Do drugs responsibly.

Drug Wars

This mod adds drugs and other relative items to Minetest. It should be set in servers with a modern city environment, with cops and gangs fighting each other.

Most aspects of the mod are configurable by editing config.lua

Dependencies are stored in depends.txt


Drug seed are rarely dropped by common grass. They can be used to grow plants which produce raw elements to be refined to drugs.

Harvesting notes

Opium Poppy : The plant drops more raw opium on not mature stages (6 and 7) while dropping more petals when bloomed.


Using drugs leads to immediate buffs and debuffs and aftereffects.

Everytime a player consumes any drug it will, more or less, increase its drugs addiction, which will progressively cause damage over time, reduced drugs buffs and harder aftereffects. A player's addiction will reduce gradually while not using any narcotic.

If a drug is assumable using pipes, It should be placed in the inventory stack staying on the right of pipe's one and consumed right-clicking while wielding the pipe. Otherwise they can be directly assumed and right-clicking while wielding it should do the trick.

Name | Assumption tool | Immediate effects | Aftereffects | Addiction's increase --- | --- | --- | --- | --- Weed | Wooden pipe | Slighly heals and increases defense while reducing movement speed and increasing hunger | Gives weak damage | Low Hashish | Wooden pipe | Same as weed, but with increased effects and duration | Same as weed, but with increased effects and duration | Low Cocaine | Direct | Increases movement speed, damage and reduces hunger | Gives moderate damage | High Crack | Glass pipe | Same as cocaine, but less durable and higher addictive | Same as cocaine, but less durable and higher addictive | High Opium | Wooden pipe | Moderately heals and increases defense while reducing movement speed | Gives moderate damage | Very high

Weapons and tools


Machete is mainly used to harvest but can be also used a fast melee weapon. There are currently steel and mese machete.


Pipes are used to smoke drugs. There are currently two types of pipe, wooden and glass, and are used to assume different drugs.

Inventory frisk

You can ask other players to show their inventory, this can be used by police forces to search for drugs and other illegal goods. To do that, use the command "/inv_search \[HTML_REMOVED]" when you're near enough the player you want to frisk. He may accept with "/inv_search_accept" or run away.