Coconut Collection

A game heavily inspired by "Coconut Hut" for the Ouya, it's a competetive 2-player game (also works in SP) where you collect coconuts and sell them in order to get better equipment.

How to play:

You start out with a hatchet, you use it to break coconuts, once you have four, you can find a payphone (they're scattered around the map) and buy a stone pickaxe by left clicking on it with your coconuts, a stone pickaxe mines 2 seconds faster than a hatchet. Once you get 8 coconuts, you can upgrade to a steel pickaxe which is even faster than a stone one. Get 20 coconuts and you can buy yourself a 2nd tier pickaxe. And then, finally, when you have 99 coconuts, you can buy a drill.



This game was made for the 2021 Minetest game jam in less than three days. We originally wanted to make a Fortnite clone, but by December 18th it was clear we wouldn't be able to finish it on time, so I made this tiny game instead, hope you like it.


Thank you, Looki2000, for making the hader!

Music by Flan. Originally made for SuperTux, CC BY-SA 4.0 Int'l

Includes the following mods:

main - made specifically for this game, MIT

coconut - also made for this game, MIT

telephone - a heavily modified version of my telephone mod that I wrote a couple of months ago, MIT

indsutrial_decor - a small mod that I wrote back in 2018, adds a few decor blocks; nothing special, MIT

mpd - mod by orwell, LGPL 2.1

skybox - mod by sofar, GPL 2.0



Do you recommend this game?

  • An opportunity struck by blunders.

    As I scour the desert island for coconuts, a relentless piece of thought beckons me: why? The 99th (+ 20 + 8 + 4) coconut in sight, I picked it up. The lingering thought ever more nailed into my brain: why? I got the drill and continue to search for coconuts to express myself.



    CC (Coconut Collection) is a game where i would pin it down as a tame experience of searching and long-digging coconuts. All 131 of them, with the painful breakneck subsonic speeds of about 4-5s per coconut. I-I think this is perhaps the most painful complete submission I've had the displeasure to review. There's no purpose or reason to play CC is there? Not even as a fun arcade. The original inspiration for CC, for a lack of a better phrasing, is equally unamusing.

    Apologies to the developers for being rather incessantly harsh. However, I can see CC for what it is - a last ditch attempt from a blunder in planning. The idea to make a Fortnite clone in MTE isn't bad in of itself. But with a small window of a couple weeks, that idea was never gonna fly. At best, we could have gotten a buggy Fortnite clone, but CC is definitely isn't the worst thing to come out of this. Overall, it's clear that the developers mishandled the assignment for the game jam ("make a small, complete, self-contained game experience") and with this being the result of that blunder, I have to give CC a thumbs down.

    I'll be on the lookout for the Fortnite clone. Let's hope it would be much more fun than CC.

  • Grindy

    • Had to create a few maps because the first few had mapgen errors and generated only stone.
    • You dig coconuts at an ungodly slow pace, even with the upgrades.
    • The core game loop is poorly designed. Grind coconuts so that you can get a slightly better tool with which to grind coconuts. Is that all?
    • The world is bleak.
  • Lack of content

    It's a simple concept, collect coconuts, preferably done in a multiplayer setting. But that is all to the game.

    What's to stop me from simply running minetest_game and do this with another node?

  • Collecting Coconuts Slowly

    The only goal of this game is to mine coconuts. If you fall in a cave, you may have to build out of it with coconuts, as mining most other blocks is impossible. My brother and I raced to reach the drill, but my brother got bored around 30 coconuts collected and since he was hosting turned on cheats and skipped ahead.

    I would recommend this game if you have friends to play it with, but not if you would play single player.

  • Peaceful

    This game is a moment of Zen.
    Hang out on a tropical island and collect coconuts.
    If you need a break from things, try Coconut Collection.

  • pretty good game

    Quite an interesting game, but it needs some improvement. It gets a bit boring after a while.

  • Cool game

    Very cool game