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Coconut Collection

A game heavily inspired by "Coconut Hut" for the Ouya, it's a competetive 2-player game (also works in SP) where you collect coconuts and sell them in order to get better equipment.

How to play:

You start out with a hatchet, you use it to break coconuts, once you have four, you can find a payphone (they're scattered around the map) and buy a stone pickaxe by left clicking on it with your coconuts, a stone pickaxe mines 2 seconds faster than a hatchet. Once you get 8 coconuts, you can upgrade to a steel pickaxe which is even faster than a stone one. Get 20 coconuts and you can buy yourself a 2nd tier pickaxe. And then, finally, when you have 99 coconuts, you can buy a drill.



This game was made for the 2021 Minetest game jam in less than three days. We originally wanted to make a Fortnite clone, but by December 18th it was clear we wouldn't be able to finish it on time, so I made this tiny game instead, hope you like it.


Thank you, Looki2000, for making the hader!

Music by Flan. Originally made for SuperTux, CC BY-SA 4.0 Int'l

Includes the following mods:

main - made specifically for this game, MIT

coconut - also made for this game, MIT

telephone - a heavily modified version of my telephone mod that I wrote a couple of months ago, MIT

indsutrial_decor - a small mod that I wrote back in 2018, adds a few decor blocks; nothing special, MIT

mpd - mod by orwell, LGPL 2.1

skybox - mod by sofar, GPL 2.0



Do you recommend this game?

  • Grindy

    • Had to create a few maps because the first few had mapgen errors and generated only stone.
    • You dig coconuts at an ungodly slow pace, even with the upgrades.
    • The core game loop is poorly designed. Grind coconuts so that you can get a slightly better tool with which to grind coconuts. Is that all?
    • The world is bleak.
  • Lack of content

    It's a simple concept, collect coconuts, preferably done in a multiplayer setting. But that is all to the game.

    What's to stop me from simply running minetest_game and do this with another node?

  • Remains unsatisfying

    This game boils down to coconut digger. The tool textures are sloppily made. The main objective is the highly repetitive task of walking around and digging coconuts, which gets very boring very quickly. Even after the end of the game jam, this has not been updated to improve either visuals or gameplay mechanics.

  • Collecting Coconuts Slowly

    The only goal of this game is to mine coconuts. If you fall in a cave, you may have to build out of it with coconuts, as mining most other blocks is impossible. My brother and I raced to reach the drill, but my brother got bored around 30 coconuts collected and since he was hosting turned on cheats and skipped ahead.

    I would recommend this game if you have friends to play it with, but not if you would play single player.

  • Peaceful

    This game is a moment of Zen.
    Hang out on a tropical island and collect coconuts.
    If you need a break from things, try Coconut Collection.

  • pretty good game

    Quite an interesting game, but it needs some improvement. It gets a bit boring after a while.

  • Cool game

    Very cool game



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