Insane Protestor

Game about a man who protests a tyrannical gov't in a violent and somewhat unreasonable way.

Alcohol / Tobacco Bad Language Gore Fear / Horror Violence Work in Progress Jam / Game 2022 Singleplayer-focused

For Minetest 5.6 and above

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2/6/2023: Thank You for all the REVIEWS I will take them all into consdieration when ,making the next udpate and I know this game is **** in its current state but it WILL BE BETTER in the next update thank you for all the support ONCE AGAIN thank you!!!

But I don't know how to play!

Then see the inventory tab!


Some of the actions presented in this game might be illegal in your jurisdiction. Please check your local laws before attempting to reproduce anything shown in this game; remember, this game is just for fun and does NOT encourage any illegal activity.

This game contains themes that may be deemed controversial by some such as violence or blood. All major places and people in this game are purely fictional, this game is not intended to promote hatred or violence against any group.

Completion state

The package was originally not namespaced which prevented it from getting approved until 11/25. The added prefixes caused some of the mods to work erraticaly or worse than originally. I will be releasing bugfix updated on November 27, as well as after the jam.


You are a man named Vyacheslav Mikhailov and you live in Absurdistan, a country that has a long history of treading upon civil liberties, but the dystopian reality you live in didn't bother you much until last week when the government started forcefully drafting people into the military and they're sending the cops after anyone who resists.

You were among the first people to get a draft notice in the mail and you ignored it but now the police are at your door, ready to kill you and your family.

Now is the time to show them their place!

Misc Info

Used themes

All three!
SPACE - the game takes places in a spacious city with many liminal spaces
STORY - no explanation needed
SECRETS - there are lots of secrets rooms and buildings to explore

Third-party mods (used primarily for aeshtetics and decoration)

  • asphalt - barely modified
  • beds - barely modified
  • constructionarea - barely modified
  • doors - barely modified
  • dye - barely modified
  • elevator - heavily modified travelnet
  • emergencyphone - barely modified
  • explosives - rebrand of the TNT mod from MTG
  • extinguisher - modified
  • fire - barely modified
  • infrastructure - barely modified
  • main - removed unused functionality
  • manholes - barely modified
  • mobs - barely modified
  • more_fire - heavily modified
  • player_api - barely modified
  • roadsigns - barely modified
  • screwdriver - barely modified
  • sounds - barely modified
  • stairs - barely modified
  • steelsupport - barely modified
  • streetlamps - barely modified
  • streetsconcrete - barely modified
  • streetsmod - barely modified
  • streetshotfix - barely modified
  • streetspoles - barely modified
  • terumet - removed unused functionality
  • trafficlight - barely modified
  • vessels - barely modified
  • walls - barely modified
  • waterworks - modified to remove unused functionality
  • xdecor - (all non-free media removed) modified to add more furniture and improve compatibility
  • xpanes - barely modified



Do you recommend this game?

  • Got lost on the way to the protest, killed myself to escape

    Insane Protestor greets you with a big load of content warning tags when you view it on ContentDB, and fair enough. It's an edgy kind of a game, but not really particularly so when you get down to it. You're first presented with a happy upbeat soundtrack, which plays throughout and provides a kind of sinister juxtaposition to the violence and destruction of the actual game. It definitely has a story, with pictures and all, though who you are ends up mattering little in the violence and destruction that follows.

    Insane protestor seems to revolve around one core gameplay goal: fill the destruct-o-meter. Unfortunately, doing this won't actually achieve anything. Nor will dying cause a lose condition: you will just respawn in your apartment, destruct-o-meter still rising. You will soon end up pursuing other goals like trying to explore the city. That there's an item dupe if you reload the game does'nt matter so when victory is nonexistent anyway (perhaps there's a message in that fact). The city is somewhat lacklustre, but at least it has been filled with a good number of assets from a lot of mods. Thanks to Insane Protester I know know xdecor has a good toilet model, for instance, or there's a fire extinguisher mod.

    Even disregarding the lack of a win condition, the game is just not smooth either. Buildings are mazes, and your speed sends you careening down every stairwell to take fall damage. There are many ways to crash the game by right-clicking nodes or the intro formspec. The combat is unsatifying because both weapons are bad: the pipe bomb always seems to damage you no matter how far you throw it, and the throwable firebomb doesn't seem to actually deal any damage.

    Lacking good architecture, good code, good story beyond the introduction and good gameplay elements means I can only recommend Protest as a 5 minute thing you play just to be edgy for a bit and to see what stuff there is out there for Minetest in various mods.

  • Now I know why he is insane...

    That music! Make it stop! It feels weird to commit heinous crimes while tormented by those beats. xD Ahem, the game features a decently detailed city. It's complete chaos outside the spawn area. You can hurt your fellow inhabitants in gruesome ways. You keep your loot upon death. I think the "secret" here is the "Xtreem" logo found on a building...

    Now, the oppressive atmosphere failed to make an impact, because of the cheesy tunes. The rooms in some apartment complexes are very unfinished; you can also enter anybody's house, no brute-forcing or keys required (I guess this is excused by the chaos everywhere). Exiting and re-entering a world gives you more bombs, but also displays the story again. Watch out, because this game sets the "time_speed" setting in minetest.conf to "0"! The "cops:pig_spawner" node has no texture. Civilians don't react at all when hurt by the player. The extinguisher seems useless. The destruct-o-meter goes over its limit.

    It's an experience that doesn't really offer much, because of its lack of stability and general direction.

    v (More in the comments) v

  • You can't actually destroy that much

    Overall rating

    No recommendation. The core gameplay just doesn't work out, as the only thing that you can reliably attack are windows, and even then your ammo is limited and there is no way to refill. And everything else about this game is not good either.


    It's very simple. You run around a town and firebomb everything on sight. And that's basically it. There is a destruct-o-meter but pretty much the only thing that raises is are glass windows. A few other things can be destroyed as well, but they are too rare in the world to be relevant. My record was to get the destruct-o-meter to 100, then I ran out of ammo. The town itself looks very incomplete, there are a lot of empty areas. There are cops that try to kill you on sight, so you have to be on the run.There are 3 weapons: Fire bomb, pipe bomb and your fist. The fire bomb makes a lot of fire, but it doesn't seem to be very useful with destroying things. The pipe bomb is your main weapon, but it seems to be only useful to destroy windows and the occasional furniture. Most things appear to be immune to damage.

    Once your run out of ammo, you only have your fist left and the game is basically over. There are no ammo pickups or anything like that, which is a huge bummer. When you die, you just respawn with your entire inventory and score. The game doesn't even restart properly when you die.

    The game isn't fun at all, the core gameplay mechanic just doesn't work out, especially since you apparently can't actually attack a lot of things to increase the destruct-o-meter and you have to deal with a SINGLE ammo supply for the entire game, and the game doesn't even restart properly.

    (text continues in comments)

  • combination of minor dislikes

    wasnt really sure to put as the title for this review, but selected combination of minor dislikes this that sums up my thoughts. from things such as the gameplay, to the artwork, it feels really disconnected and not put to together that well. to take an expression, it feels like a house was built to the shape houses typically are, but the outside and inside where painted a hodge podge of colors

  • Clunky

    A bit clunky at times but has the basic gameplay. I would have liked more to be destroyable and also something to happen when the meter is full

    Gamplay: 4/10
    Innovation: 5/10
    Audiovisuals: 3/10
    Content: 4/10
    Theme: 1/10

  • Soundtrack is god tier

    sountrack 10/10

  • Pretty cool game but needs some additional features!

    soundtrack 7/10 gameplay 7.5/10 story 10/10



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