Technic Addons

Adds additional content to Technic. Currently adds mk2 and mk3 chainsaws and vacuums, as well as medium and large cans.

Machines / Electronics Tools / Weapons / Armor

For Minetest 5.3 and above

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Technic Addons

This mod was originally made for the server on the request of a player to add MK2 and MK3 chainsaws. However I took it a step up and added a few more additions as well to turn it into a full fledge addon mod! Below are the additions made to the mod...


Below are the specs of the additional chainsaws! - Chainsaw MK2: Holds 375,000 EU and uses 11 EU/node - Chainsaw MK3: Holds 1,000,000 EU and uses 10 EU/node


Below are the specs of the additional vacuums! - Vacuum MK2: 16 Nodes Area and Holds 25,000 EU and uses 90 EU/node - Vacuum MK3: 25 Nodes Area and Holds 100,000 EU and uses 75 EU/node


Below are the specs of the additional cans! - Medium: Holds 32 to 64 liters depending on can type - Large: Holds 128 to 256 liters depending on can type

All textures and coding was based off of Technic which it's repository is and therefore the unmodified portions of the coding and textures still belongs to the original Technic mod creator(s).



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