A refreshed but familiar look for Minetest

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BAUNILHA is a texture pack for minetest with the aim of creating a new and refreshed look for the game, while maintaining a familiar look (baunilha means "vanilla" in portuguese!). Many of the textures are edits from the original game files mixed with new ones in order to create a more consistent aesthetic for the game.

Although I believe this pack is good enough to be played as it is, this is still a WIP and I will probably edit or add to it in the future!

For now, the only mod it supports is Stamina and Stamina++, but I plan to update it for more mods in the future.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • A fresh and beautiful texture pack

    The crisp details, sunny highlights, warm tones, and vivid colors of this texture pack give Minetest a delightful radiance. I can't help but smile at how much more pleasant and inviting my worlds are with these textures applied.

    Baunilha is a perfect middle ground between the more subdued default textures and the more heavily stylized textures featured in other texture packs. It lives up to its name of being vanilla while still adding "a new and refreshed look for the game", to use the author's own words.

    I highly recommend this texture pack to anyone wanting to enjoy a vibrant new atmosphere in Minetest Game and its derivatives.

  • English

    Pretty good, but has some drawbacks

    This is a pretty good texture pack, I like how it changes the textures to a refreshed look replacing the old fashioned minetest textures.

    I think stuff like the ores look good, having their own styles instead of being the same but with different colors. The stone also looks great, similar to minetest's default, but smoother.

    The grass and dirt also make you thank this texture pack for making it look way better than before. The sand looks 'grainy' and lets you feel like you really can feel it under your feet.

    Though, it also comes with some drawbacks.

    On example, the coal ore looks like the the black rock just got splattered on it. The copper block is, for some reason, a brick block, instead of how it's supposed to look like: a polished metal. The water should look a bit smoother, because its 'lines' are very visible everywhere on it.

    The HUD got some questionable changes too, especially when you have the stamina mod. Why is the hunger bar turned into a line with lit up cells? Is that supposed to mark battery percentage or something? Imo it doesn't fit at all. The item bar's selection box looks yellow and poppy, which also doesn't look that great here.

    So overall, it's a pretty good mod, which can refresh the look of the game a bit, but you will mind the drawbacks (one of them is always on the screen) Hopefully the mistakes get fixed.

  • Tem potencial

    Gostei bem do que vi, tem algo de nostálgico, não sei definir bem. Espero que evolua mais, como torná-lo compatível com grandes mods como o Ethereal, Everness, quiçá uma versão para o Librevoxels. Parabéns!

  • Really Nice

    It's really one of the best current texture packs from Minetest, the textures are really well done, they are of quality, it really brings a second breath of life to a Minetest game which was a little off in terms of textures. I like it a lot I recommend