2 and 4 team gems minigames like eggwars, but with different interesting mechanics

Mini-game Player vs Player (PvP)


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A minigame reminicent of skywars, but with added mechanics.

there are 2 or 4 teams. Each team has a gem color (ruby, sapphire, emerald and opal)

ruby is opposed to emeralds, and opal is opposed to saphirre.

Your goal is to dig the great gem of all the other teams, and then kill their team members. As with eggwars, they will respawn as long as their great gem exists.

You can dig their gem with any pick BUT your own color. Protect your mines (which produce gems of your color (they are your greatest weakness)).

Get gems and tools of other teams colors. Gems of the same color are most effective agains that team. Ruby picks dig ruby great gems the fastest, emerald swords damage emerald players the fastest. The same theme is applied to all the other gem items.

Protectors damage the players of all but that gem color. An opal protector will damage all players in a radius exept opal players.

Use shops of that gem type to sell gems for that type of gem tool, and materials and armor.



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