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  • Overrated, nothing to do - yet

    In survival mode, you spawn on a grey 2d LEGO-like grid, with nothing to do. There's no sound effects, nothing to mine, nothing to craft, nothing to do.

    In creative mode, you at least have some blocks to place - but they don't do anything interesting. Roblox-inspired game feels misleading, this feels more like a LEGO inspired game. I don't see how this is Roblox inspired at all

    This packages short and long descriptions could use some work, as anyone looking for Roblox will probably be disappointed with the current state - even if it is working towards something like that. I would suggest something like "A creative sandbox inspired by LEGO and early Roblox" as the short description, and then the long description have more information about features (ie: the different types of nodes)

    I don't recommend this currently. However, with some work this could be good

  • Interesting

    Interesting, and I would love to see where this is going. The only problem is, its very empty. And the studs are just WAY TO SMALL! its just a pain having to work with these o so cute small tiny baby bricks. I would love to see some of the cool features the real Roblox has (Like pvp :D) but I am not sure that is what your going for.

    Keep up the good work!

  • good

    its good, the studs look like old roblox aswell.

  • cool

    vaguely reminds me of lego

  • very interesting game!

    can you add glass parts plz?