Have you ever seen a Minecraft mod and thought "Man, if only they had that in Minetest." Have you ever wanted to be able to grow almost everything you will ever need? Have you ever wanted to make a farm instead of destroying the landscape just to get the stuff you need to build? Do you find your self with far too many wheat seeds with nothing to do with them?

Well if the answer to any of those was yes, I have the solution for you!

May I present, Mystical Agriculture. This is a clone/port/rendition/whatever you want to call it of the same mod for Minecraft.

With this mod, you can craft seeds for all sorts of materials. From dirt to stone to water to even diamonds! For a full list of all the default crop plants see the changelog. If your thinking, "This sounds cool and all but I don't want to have to download a lot of dependencies." Then your in luck cause this mod only has two mandatory depends, default, and farming both of which are already in the default game! Sure there are others as well but they are all optional depends for added mod support.

Its easy, useful, and best of all, it's balanced. I recommend using unified inventory or some other crafting guide as there are quite a few recipes. Crops grow on normal farmland, but pretty slowly. To speed things up try crafting magical fertilizer or even growth crystals. Want automation? Try harvest crystals which will automatically harvest crops for you.



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