In this game you start by mining water, then you can turn that into kelp and you can turn that kelp into kelp planks, find, the other things by yourself. :) This has nothing to do with the game called Limbo.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Very WIP, Interesting Concept, Style

    N.B. at this time, this is a VERY short game, and clearly very WIP. It really should be marked as such in the description fields to make this clearer. A public source control repo should really be setup, and that field filled in on CDB, so players can follow along with development.

    This game seems very focused on a core concept of crafting ever more complex things by combining simple items, like Little Alchemy. At least, this seems like the safest assumption since it's by far the most fleshed-out gameplay area. The idea of having a single simple crafting system that everything is built through over multiple stages is interesting and seems like it could lend itself well to continuous progression.

    It feels like this game needs a list of goals, or a progress indicator or something, since there aren't a lot of elements that naturally generate and it's hard to tell whether you've reached the end of the game so far or not. Also, constraining the crafting system (limiting size/shape or number of ingredients) could make the crafting a little easier, which would balance out well if it's intended to have a huge number of items and recipes.

    The only issues I've found with what content there is so far, other than the total length, are the texture for the copper ingot, and the fact that water is completely opaque but intangible so you can fall to the bottom of the ocean and be trapped/lost indefinitely. I hope to see this game continue to coalesce around a strong core idea, and continue to improve the execution.


  • What's the point?

    There's no indication on the page that this game is a work in progress, but it seems to be incomplete to such a degree that there's no real point for folks to play it.

    I got through a bunch of crafting recipes and couldn't really find anything interesting to do in the game aside from putting items in various shapes on the crafting grid. To make sure I wasn't missing anything I checked the code, and indeed--there are:

    • Several types of nodes, all of which are completely static and have no functionality
    • No tools (there is technically a fishing rod, but you fish by uh... putting it in the crafting grid with a solid block of water)
    • A number of items that either do nothing, or restore the health that you'll never lose because there's nothing to lose it from besides deliberately hurling yourself off of a cliff. You can't even drown!
    • No biomes or structures, only the bare minimum of mapgen aliases
    • A bunch of crafting recipes

    That's all there is. It's a collection of convoluted crafting recipes that goes nowhere. It's not even good for building, since most blocks require multiple stages of crafting and a fair amount of resources to produce.

    The game might be good someday. It might be a game someday! But today, I don't see any reason to interact with it.