[Recreated] Illegal Blocks

A mod that adds illegal & rare nodes.

Work in Progress Building Decorative Multiplayer-focused Singleplayer-focused

Minetest 5.6 - 5.6

How do I install this?

A mod that adds illegal & rare nodes (recreated!).
Nodes list:
* Cloud
* Bedrock
* Invisible node
* Black node
* Unknown node
* Command block (in-dev, doesn't do anything yet...)

This project is completely free!



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  • Boring...

    This mod adds 6 creative-only nodes. A, uh, bedrock node, cyan node, black node, invisible node, and a command block node with a very copyright unencumbered texture. No, the command block isn't functional, it's just decorative. There is also a fake unknown node... similar to orwell's unknownode mod except without a crafting recipe, and without stairs+ variants.

    I get the title is supposed to be a joke, but if these nodes really were illegal, I wouldn't find it worth it going to jail over it.