For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

How do I install this?

This is an framework for assigning temporary status effects to players. This mod is aimed to modders and maybe interested people.

Information for players

This mod alone is not aimed directly at players. Briefly, the point of this mod is to help other mods to implement temporary status effects for players in a clean and consistant way. Here is the information which may be relevant to you: Your current status effects are shown on the HUD on the right side, along with a timer which shows the time until the effect gets disabled. It is possible for the server to disable this feature entirely. Some status effects may also be hidden and are never exposed to the HUD.

You only have to install this mod iff you have a mod which implements Player Effects.

Information for server operators

By default, this mod stores the effects into the file in the current world path every 10 seconds. On a regular server shutdown, this file is also written to. The data in this file is read when the mod is started.

It is save to delete when the mod does currently not run. This simply erases all active and inactive effects when the server starts again.

You can disable the automatic saving in settings.lua.



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