The RealTest Game (Minetest 5 Edition)

Open-ended sandbox survival game focused on realism


It's a sandbox survival game with a focus on realism … more or less. Like in many similar games, it's about mining and building. The focus lies especially on ores and smelting. There are many different ores, and ore deposits are much larger (but also rarer). Smelting ores and crafting new tools will take much more effort than in other, similar games. But it's also much more rewarding when you have found a new ore! :-)

Getting started in this game can be quite difficult, as it does quite some things in an unique and non-obvvious way, so you should read the file.


This game is a revival of The RealTest Game from 2012, the goal is to make it compatible with Minetest 5.0.0, to make it playable again and to fix bugs (hence the additon of “Minetest 5 Edition” to the name).

It's mostly about preserving a piece of Minetest history. Therefore, the gameplay is exactly the same as in the original. The point is to stay true to the original. However, a a bunch of convenience features have been added, to make the controls a bit better. This includes addition of a crafting guide.



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