Basalt + Fertilizer

Adds basalt to the underground which can be made into fertilizer. Useful for farming flowers if you need dye for colored nodes.

Building Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Plants and Farming Survival

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How do I install this?

In this mod, basalt, one of the most common rocks on Earth, abundant in key nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium, is crushed and used to enrich the soil, leading to flowers and grass duplication.

Created for minetest_game, with gameplay balance in mind. Textures from too_many_stones (modified).


  • Basalt starts at y = -255 (underground) and below.
  • Supports flora duplication (including flowers).
  • Kelp and Coral (rooted) are now renewable.
  • Waterlily is now renewable.
  • Wild Cotton can now be placed in survival, and is renewable.
  • New Cracked Brick variation.


  • Duplicates vegetation.
  • Won't spawn patches of flora on soil.
  • Won't "grow" saplings or crops.
  • Simple and extensible.

Design Choices

  • Anything that doesn't generate in the world can't be duplicated.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It's cool to see my textures being used

    I had actually hoped people could and would adapt my textures eventually. And, well, someone did! Also, interesting use of the glass batch texture. It is a simple mod, very basic, but it works. My only request is maybe bring back the cracked brick?