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An escape-room-ish game with an immersive story and a space-bending twist.

Game isn't compatible with latest version of minetest, it works best in 5.5.1. If you're a particularly brave soul you could try to hack your way through, otherwise this game serves more as a preliminary, proof-of-concept thing.

"Source" leads to a singluar mod piranesi. That mod contains all gameplay and other mods were only minorly modified in trivial ways.

I'll try to get everything on github but other things are more important to me right now as all others mods in the game have source code on their respective pages (which are some mtg mods, Castle++, xdecor, morelights, and flowerpot). Dont touch fence gates and doors if you can, they will make the game crash!!!


Walk into the house. Click on stuff, click on stuff with other stuff. (LEFT click to interact, right click is reserved explicitly for placing blocks) Explore! You'll have no idea what you're doing at first, but pretty soon you should start to piece some stuff together.
There is no real hint system, so in lieu I am here! Ask me how to do stuff, for hints, or an entire walkthrough! Please don't walk away confused. This game is pretty challenging but ultimantly fairly intuitive (I hope, at least).

  • Some adivice:
  • Don't leave an item/block is a room and walk away! You will never see it again!
  • Make sure you have all THREE gears before you put them into the forest machine.
  • Try to find the library! It has vital information and generally helpful clues.
  • All actual gameplay is orginal. I spent hours and hours and HOURS developing it and believe I have met any requirement for orginality with dozens of schematics, 1500+ lines of code, and 50+ textures. Because of the laborious nature of making a game that relies on precise schematic placement, I relied on mtg mods amoung a couple others (PLEASE look in the files for credit, I am not trying to take credit from these wonderful authors) for non-gameplay, decor stuff. These mods mearly function as a picture frame to display my hours of work in, and do not provide any functionality. Only a handful of assests are actually used across them all, most of their content is not in-game and was mearly easier to not trim out. I am a serious person doing my best, this is the only way I could get a finished(ish) product. *



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  • Great idea ruined by game-breaking bugs


    Before you read ahead, be warned of SPOILERS! My summary is that I really like the game, but I don't recommend it YET because of critical bugs that ruin the experience. But I also recommend to players to just wait and check this game out later, when the bugs have been fixed. That way, you will have a more pleasant experience. Keep this game on your watchlist, folks! The game is also not accessible to colorblind people (yet).

    If you want to read my REAL review (with MEGA spoilers), go in the comments.

  • Very engaging, but a crash is around any corner

    I had a blast with this game... when it worked. I played on 5.5.1 to have the compass work, and I have to say this concept is really fun and clever to me! Coupled with its many riddles and puzzles, this is a novel experience that I hope will see more polish going forward. The way the rooms change layout is smooth, and each one can be entered from different directions (nice touch).

    The riddles were pretty hard to figure out on my own, I had to resort to asking for solutions and ultimately giving up, oof. I think the main menu music is too loud compared to the in-game sound.

    I recommend this since I had fun, but the experience was soured by the crashes. Definitely check it out post-Jam!

    v (More in the comments) v

  • Mindblowing but too random and unpolished

    It's definitely a nice concept to experience, but personally I think that the author has left too many holes gameplay-wise. Then, when I found a paper with instructions about the rooms and I followed it, it led to a crash (it also crashes when clicking on chairs). Not sure about the item I've got since the beginning, nor about the player having so many slots. It's a pity, if curated it could turn into a great game!

  • interesting and mind bending game

    pretty cool game, was interesting trying to figure it out. I think its a shame the author wasnt able to give it more polish before finish it off. my favorite bug was the fire burning out the floor in one of the rooms after a while, which led to the void

  • My Review [JAM VERSION]

    There are a lot of bugs, some of which I think ruined my ability to complete the game, but I can recommend this based off of the experience I had regardless.

    This will be a good game once the bugs are sorted out and the mechanics are polished. If you learn the basics of using git w/ github you could probably attract a few contributors.


    Overall: 5/10
    Gameplay: 4/10
    Innovation: 6/10
    Content: 5/10
    Theme: 8/10


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