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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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This mod adds items to chests found in schematic structures, it basically replaces standard chests with chests with loots during world generation, yes, only during world generation, and does not affect mods like "Pyramids", "Unter Null" and others .. You can also interact with "Furnances", "bookshelf" and "vessels shelf"... This is a very simple mod and still has some things to be improved, like not replacing some chests in the world, but this happens very little, or almost never happens, but nothing that spoils the experience of your adventures, because after all, having fun is the most important .

This mod supports some mods, at the moment only those that I used as a test, I can add more in the future:

  • moreores
  • rangedweapons
  • zombies4test ( Modpack )
  • Native Villages

Another detail: it will work only in world generation, so it won't work in worlds already generated, maybe it will work in areas not yet generated!

Ok, finally, I want to say that I started this mod to learn and meet a need that I had, because I'm not a programmer, I'm just curious about these things.. But I hope you like it and it's very useful, thank you all!!! ...



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