Construction, mining, farming , exploration, kill the monsters, defeat the bosses, complete achievements and get prizes. And most importantly, have fun!

Work in Progress Building Minetest Game improved Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival


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Survivetest is a modpack based on Minetest Game, with various mods made by the community. Much simpler proposal, and only essential mods for a good game are added, some things are being adapted, leaving room for you to add more mods of your own.

In the beginning it was a modpack called "Minetest Adventures" that I made to not have to, select, search and install the same mods every time I went to create a new world, and some friends asked me to share it.

Why be like a game?

It's much easier and simpler to customize, some things can only be configured in games, updating mods, textures and among other things are much simpler, so don't consider survivetest a "subgame", neither "extended Minetest", nor a "soup of mods ", and many things I can't solve because the mods are made by the community and so the mods can have their problems that only their developers can fix.

I'm not a programmer, I know the basics of programming in Lua, but I wanted to have something to use as a base to create "Minetest" content, because most subgames "mod soup", are full of random mods, which sometimes you don't even use it that much, or it interferes with the creation of different worlds, or it makes it heavier, or conflicts with other mods.

📄 All mods added and the name of their creators are on: Readme

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Do you recommend this game?

  • Good game

    It's basic but consistent. If you add the "Wilhelmines..." mods, I think this game would be perfect. This game for me it's gonna be in the near future the definitive "Minetest based game" or however you wanna call it, I mean that it will be the perfect game with the right mods and compatibility between them, that aims to be the perfect gameplay conserving the Minetest flavour.

  • Super sympa, mais pas assez d'interaction, de vie.

    Super plaisant pour les débutants comme moi. Quelques difficultés à comprendre certaines recettes car non présente dans le livre.

    Par contre, mon jeu bug sur l'apparition des "Mummy" dans une pyramides de lave dans un radius de plus de 100 blocks ... HELP Please ! AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'tsm_pyramids' in callback luaentity_Step(): Invalid vector (expected table got nil). stack traceback: [C]: in function 'get_objects_inside_radius' .....\games\survivetest\mods\MAPGEN\tsm_pyramids/mummy.lua:287: in function <.....\games\survivetest\mods\MAPGEN\tsm_pyramids/mummy.lua:190>

  • simple y ligero! does not stray from the essence of minetest base

    just what I was looking for! simple and lightweight! leaving the essence of minetest intact, 100% recommended for minetest starters like me!



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