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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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A simple modpack that adds some zombies to your world and a few other things...

Zombies :

  • Walking zombie
  • crawler Zombie
  • Survivor Zombie
  • Lumberjack Zombie
  • Doctor Zombie
  • Miner Zombie
  • Runner Zombie (Has higher speed than other zombies)
  • Spitter Zombie (A little more life, and spits acid)
  • Tank (Lots of health and lots of damage)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A great set of monsters for any MTG-based game

    Zombies4Test is a great set of zombie-themed monsters for any MTG-based game. Walkers, sprinters, crawlers (who can get in through one-node-high openings!) all work nicely.

    I'd suggest disabling the tanks and spitters at first, especially in singleplayer, as they have massive health pools and will easily overwhelm a lone player with starting gear. Fortunately, disabling them is as simple as unchecking their box when enabling mods, which is very nice.

    I also like how they vary their movement, sometimes shuffling to one side or the other, as it makes it harder to target them with ranged weapons than if they were to just move straight towards you..

    You'll need to build a base quickly, and fortify it to keep the nasties out -- they can break doors and windows, so beware! I've even had one manage to follow me up a ladder, which was a fun surprise! All in all, highly recommended if you want some threatening monsters in your game.

  • nice mod but what happend to your channel???

    hi i tryed looking at your channel and it was gone also some ideas came to my head one was like a setting where they could get stronger or spawn more like ever minetest day another idea what if there was like a zombie that could break weak blocks like cobblestone and wood and dirt with a addtion of stronger blocks that they couldnt break threw like reinforced cobble or somtin also you could add like a blood moon that when it happens tons of zombies tons i mean tons of zombies wil come rushing like a missle trying to get it your base another idea maybe make it compatible with mineclone 2 that would be cool maybe add a chainsaw weapon and a chainsaw zombie or somtin just some idea all up to you tho because your the creator of the mod

  • Trully amazing

    this is the type of mod this game needs

  • Somewhat RPG, but in original minetest

    This modpack is very exciting and sometimes frustrating.

    Loot houses, go mining, and run for your life.

    Includes lots of weapos from the ranged weapons mod, and some defense nodes as well. You must be very strategic if you want to live long.

    @Nathan S. made a video about this modpack:

  • My Experience with this modpack

    First, I thought it's a waste of time walking around looking for structures with loot. But then I enabled the One Hit Knock Out mod and fell from a building. In my next world I enabled Wielded Light, yolo, ambience and enabled cinematic mode in the settings. I set the time to night and gave myslef a torch. It got intense. I recommend it's really good play it with friends. It's not if will you die, it's When you will die. Good Job DuckGo

  • An awesome mod!

    this is one of my favorite mods for minetest by far, i cant wait to see what this will look like with in future updates :D this mod in awesome for anyone looking for an apocalypse mod for minetest. highly recommended!

  • looks great

    do crawler zombies crawl thru holes 1 square block that would be cool also do they break doors most zombie mods on here they dont break doors also can any climb up nodes like over walls that be epic

  • Bro, you keep impressing me

    The mod is just amazing. Minetest is not boring anymore, and I think this modpack was the only thing left that my game needed. The zombies are just super well made, their skins and even the items. The only thing that I could recommend is to make an option to adjust the chances for the zombies to spawn (separated from the mobs_redo options), because in my world they spawn just so much. I think it is like that because I have a high spawn chance set in mobs_redo cuz I think animals should spawn often. However, this also affects all the other mods dependent on mobs_redo, so it would be great to adjust the spawn chance for zombies separately. Congrats DuckGo, keep making amazing mods!

  • Constantly being hunted by undead

    The zombies spawn during the day in low amounts, which keeps you on your toes when gathering wood and stone. But, it gets worse once night comes. Spitter Zombies hurl projectiles, and Crawlers sneak up on you. They can very easily spot you from a far enough distance away, and swarm you within seconds. There is no shortage of excitement with this mod. Spelunking is especially dangerous, zombies can come out of the darkness and corner you when you least expect it.


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