A mod that adds aditional mobs to Mineclone 2, namely mobs that were added in updates of Minecraft past 1.12 (Mineclone's goal)

The goal of this mod is to add mobs (Monsters/Animals) that are in Minecraft, but not set in veiw of any future uptates in Mineclone, to Mineclone. This mod is made for Mineclone and will not work without many functions and mods contained singularly in Mineclone. The mobs that are in my plan to add are: Piglins, Mountain Goats, Fish, Dolfins, Fox, Strider, Pandas, Zombified Piglins, Pillagers, Ravagers, Phantoms, Hoglins, Zoglins, Drowneds, Glow Squids, and Axolotls. All of these mobs will have their respective functions such as; Piglins will be able to trade etc.



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