Gun pack 1 - Western weapons

(currently) adds 4 unique weapons

Tools / Weapons / Armor

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Adds four unique weapons!

This mod is meant to add a variety of weapons from western nations, it will be one of several gun packs adding various weapons

  • M4 rifle with multiple firemodes (burst and semi)
  • bolt action AWM sniper rifle fully equiped with animations for reloading and rechambering
  • Semi automatic M1014 shotgun, reloading incrementally (incredibly satisfying)
  • Glock21 pistol

For bug reports and additional information on features and controls, see



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  • The future of warfare

    This mod is great! its the next generation of gun mods. finally fully functioning 3D guns in minetest, with some fun polish to it like nice looking muzzle smoke. I do have some feedback tho. The keybinds are extremely annoying, for instance instead of the normal R for reload its Z, I tried changing it in the script but couldn't get it to work. Also the weapon sway while ADS and moving is crazy, any way to tone it down maybe? Other wise great mod! Love to see were you will take it. Are there plans for maybe adding dedicated armor? With different damage reducing values? Also they are currently uncraftable. Would love to see them working in survival Minetest

  • hommie saved me some time

    I was planning on making a 3D gun pack for Minetest, but bro already got me covered. It's amazing, probaly better than what mine would've been!