Position listeners library

Players' position observing library

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Register functions to be called when the players are moving or walking on certain nodes. It does nothing by itself but is used as a dependency of other mods.

This feature is already implemented in multiple mods. So why not using only one code for them all? It is still a workaround which has it's flaws, but it's probably better than nothing.

The aim of this mod is to get only one mod to maintain and cover a wide range of uses. It must be light enough to bring the least lag as possible. At least to be better than stacking a lot of redundant checks across all the mods.

It's similar to the Walkover mod and in fact is compatible, but aims to be wider.

It comes with advanced features like interpolation and double check for half-nodes but all of them can be ignored in a way or an other. The lib passes some metadata to the listeners to know how they were called (that is you can ignore all the calls from interpolation if you don't want to compute useless things when only the last position is relevant).


  • Clone the repository: git clone https://files.creativekara.fr/git/poschangelib.git
  • All versions



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