A little experiment.Warning very early version,more a concept than a complete game.

Non-free code Work in Progress Jam / Game 2021 Survival

Sorry i dont speak inglish,a little game made whit fast

V0.2 Now "V6" is a disallowed mapgen./Ahora "V6" es un generador de mapas no permitido. Code from survival and survivalconf mods combined whit default./Codigo de los mods survival y survivalconf combinado con default. Added a days pass text to the hud/Adicionado un texto de los dias pasados al hud. Change the player model for one of a wolfman/Se ha cambiado el modelo del jugador por uno de un hombre lobo. Now the player can only have 2 objects in the main inventory/Ahora el jugador solo puede llevar 2 objetos en el inventario principal. Change the initial menu/cambiado el menu inicial. Now there is only a menu whit a litle explain of the game and the option for select the dificulty. /Ahora solo hay un menu con una pequenna explicacion del juego y la opcion para seleccionar la dificultad.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Lack of content

    I was intridged when i first saw the mesh flora in the screenshot. But frankly, that is all this game has to present.

    The game shoves you down into a simple survival, where there are these spiky slug-like things chasing you down. And really there's all to the game, which is to say, what's stopping me from just running minetest_game with another mobs mod, which offers a lot more gameplay.

    That being said, there's a lot of wasted potential with the mesh flora pieces which look great, but currently serve zero purpose other than a decorative backdrop right now.

  • 1/10 | Bad

    The only good thing about this game is the vegeation, everything else either doesn't work at all, or works eratically. The game doesn't have a header or a logo, and when you spawn in the world, strange black creatures with spikes start attacking you until you die... ...except you don't really die; the game shows you the typical respawn dialog, but after you click the button all that happens is your health just goes back to maximum and you can continue playing. You can't destroy a single node, many of the models have missing textures, the chat is constantly flooded with missing schematic and texture errors, and the only thing you can do is wander around the world until you hit a wall, because, yes, this games has a world border at around 2k nodes from spawn, for some reason.

    This game seems to have no goal whatsoever, and I can't even read the instructions at the start of the game because some of them are in another language (French?) and the ones in English make no sense.

    All of that, along with the non-free license makes this the worst game I have played so far.

  • Not Sure What to Do

    It seems there’s nothing to do but fight monsters, probably unsuccessfully. If you fall into a cave it might be impossible to get out.

  • Looks like Voxelands.

    Gonna try it.