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Random Stuff Mod

adds 3 usable items along with a few more items used exclusively for crafting

Usable Nodes/Wearables

  • Bright Water (random_stuff:bright_water), a water-like node that is set to the max light output. You cant drown in it, has 0 viscosity and has the same spread as lava.
  • Wings (3d_armor:wings), a power-up that utilizes the 3d_armor mod to give you reduced gravity and an immortal health status. Downside is that to craft it you need an item rarer then diamonds or mese.(warning: for some reason immortal=1 doesnt actually make you immortal... will fix)
  • Spring Boots (3d_armor:spring_boots) also uses the 3d_armor mod to let you jump super high and increases your speed. This bit of armor is equivalent to bronze in its strength and is a lot easier to craft the the wings. Beware of using this with wings though... undesired results may occur(reverse meteor)

Crafting Items

  • Weird Soul Thing(random_stuff:soul) This very creatively named item is used soully for crafting wings. It is found only in The Sole Stone ore block that is naturally occurring but rather rare
  • The Sole Stone(random_stuff:stone_with_soul) A naturally occurring ore stone that contains a soul for crafting wings. The texture was made from the Soul Thing with the alpha set from mese ore... looks odd though.
  • Springs(For Bouncy Things) (random_stuff:springs) crafted itself from 3 steel ingots this is used in conjunction with steel boots to make spring boots.


  • /crawl enables a head only mode that alows you to go into 1x1 areas
  • /stand disables /crawl and returns the player to the normal character(3d_armor character model is enabled if that mod is installed)

Looking for:

someone to help fix the soul or the spring texture.



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