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Nether Monsters

Nether Man

The principal habitant of the nether world, if the nether man go to your world the sand and dirt is comming to transform into nether sand, but the nether monsters take more damage from the water.

Nether Dragon

The legendary nether dragon is the nether king and can destroy all the world in a lot of seconds, this drop a special item whit more resistance called nether dragon scale, and dragon egg to spawn The legendary nether dragon (tamed).

Nether Dragon scales

Whit that item the players can craft dragon armor, dragon blocks and dragon stairs or slabs, more powerful and whit more resistance.

Tamed Nether dragon

This only can be spawned whit a dragon egg, if you right click that whit a saddle you can start to drive and fly whit the dragon ( only owner can make this ).

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  • Single-handedly greifed my server

    The netherman is unconfigurable, and replaces all sand it finds with nether sand. It also spawns on nether sand. This meant that in the span of less than two hours, my entire server was infested with the nether man. It became unplayable, and bland. I'm gonna have to world edit to fix this.


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