Tone Bells

A proof of concept alternative to note blocks for melodic exploration

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Tone Bells

This is a small proof of concept mod that adds blocks to Minetest called 'tone bells'. Tone bells play notes like note blocks do. Unlike note blocks, you select a note by stacking different colours of tone bells.

The sound files for tone bells were taken shamelessly from the mesecons_noteblock mod - they are just placeholder sounds. They are the only media under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 licence - the textures are my own creation and take the MIT licence.


Tone bells come in 4 colours. There is a starting note. Each tone bell increases the tone of the resulting note by a certain amount.

  • Grey tone bells do not lighten the resulting note at all. They can be used to play the starting note, and to craft the other three tone bells.
  • Red tone bells lighten the resulting note slightly.
  • Blue tone bells lighten the note considerably.
  • Yellow tone bells lighten the note very slightly.

Stack tone bells on top of each other to create different notes. To play the resulting note, punch the stack of bells. You can also activate tone bells with mesecons, allowing you to play several notes at once to form chords.

Explore what kinds of melodies you can make!



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